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  1. Short-acting β2-agonist (SABA) nebulization is commonly prescribed for children hospitalized with severe asthma exacerbation. Either intermittent or continuous delivery has been considered safe and efficient. ...

    Authors: Prapasri Kulalert, Phichayut Phinyo, Jayanton Patumanond, Chutima Smathakanee, Wantida Chuenjit and Sira Nanthapisal
    Citation: Asthma Research and Practice 2020 6:6
  2. Childhood asthma is a growing clinical problem and a burden on the health care system due to repetitive visits to children’s emergency departments and frequent hospital admissions where it is poorly controlled...

    Authors: Shajitha Thekke Veettil and Ahmed Sameer AbdulHameed Alnuaimi
    Citation: Asthma Research and Practice 2019 5:3
  3. Asthma is a chronic condition usually characterized by underlying inflammation. The study of asthmatic inflammation is of the utmost importance for both diagnostic and monitoring purposes. The gold standard fo...

    Authors: Valentina Ferraro, Silvia Carraro, Sara Bozzetto, Stefania Zanconato and Eugenio Baraldi
    Citation: Asthma Research and Practice 2018 4:9
  4. Asthma in paediatric populations is one of the highest public health concerns. In this study of children and adolescents, we hypothesized that low levels of physical activity (PA) would show associations with ...

    Authors: Lene Lochte, Poul Erik Petersen, Kim G. Nielsen, Anette Andersen and Thomas A. E. Platts-Mills
    Citation: Asthma Research and Practice 2018 4:6
  5. Food allergic individuals are exposed to unnecessary dietary restrictions due to precautionary food allergy labelling (PFAL). Two forms of PFAL exist: type I identifies the possible presence of allergenic cont...

    Authors: Alessandro Fiocchi, Lamia Dahdah, Carla Riccardi, Oscar Mazzina and Vincenzo Fierro
    Citation: Asthma Research and Practice 2016 2:13
  6. In this article, we discuss the relationship between environmental exposures within the school environment and pediatric asthma morbidity. This article will conclude by reviewing novel school based asthma educ...

    Authors: Marissa Hauptman and Wanda Phipatanakul
    Citation: Asthma Research and Practice 2015 1:12
  7. Despite the regular treatment with inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) or ICS plus long-acting beta2-agonists, permits to control de majority of asthmatics, a significant proportion of patients does not respond to t...

    Authors: Ilaria Baiardini, Francesca Sicuro, Francesco Balbi, Giorgio Walter Canonica and Fulvio Braido
    Citation: Asthma Research and Practice 2015 1:7
  8. The use and role of allergen immunotherapy (AIT) in asthma is still a matter of debate, and no definite recommendation about this is made in guidelines, both for the subcutaneous and sublingual routes. This is...

    Authors: Giovanni Passalacqua, Anthi Rogkakou, Marcello Mincarini and Giorgio Walter Canonica
    Citation: Asthma Research and Practice 2015 1:6
  9. In the practical management of allergic rhinitis (AR), pharmacists are usually the first-line contact, also because some medications are available as over the counter. Therefore, pharmacists may represent an i...

    Authors: Carlo Lombardi, Eleonora Musicco, Francesco Rastrelli, Germano Bettoncelli, Giovanni Passalacqua and Giorgio Walter Canonica
    Citation: Asthma Research and Practice 2015 1:4
  10. Patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) complicated by allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) are vitamin D deficient and in vitro treatment with 1,25 (OH)2 vitamin D3 of CD4+ cells from CF patients with ABPA ...

    Authors: Nikki Lynn Hue Nguyen, Joseph M. Pilewski, Juan C. Celedón, Sivanarayana Mandalapu, Megan L. Blanchard, Adrienne DeRicco, Elizabeth Hartigan, John F. Alcorn and Jay K. Kolls
    Citation: Asthma Research and Practice 2015 1:3

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