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Featured article: What is safe enough - asthma in pregnancy - a review of current literature and recommendations

© sp4764 / FotoliaAsthma causes complications during pregnancies, however women still discontinue therapy due to inadequate education and the fear of adverse events. In this study, the authors reviewed recent studies to determine the relationship between anti-asthmatic therapy and outcomes of pregnancy for mother and child to indirectly determine the safety and efficacy of various anti-asthmatic drugs during pregnancy. 

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Aims and scope

Asthma Research and Practice is the official publication of Interasma and publishes cutting edge basic, clinical and translational research in addition to hot topic reviews and debate articles relevant to asthma and related disorders (such as rhinitis, COPD overlapping syndrome, sinusitis). The journal has a specialized section which focusses on pediatric asthma research.

Asthma Research and Practice aims to serve as an international platform for the dissemination of research of interest to pulmonologists, allergologists, primary care physicians and family doctors, ENTs and other health care providers interested in asthma, its mechanisms and comorbidities.

About Interasma

Interasma is an international health organization focused on all aspects of asthma that bridge the gap between academia and clinical practice. Since its inception in 1954, Interasma has encouraged asthma education programs through the organization of postgraduate education and the dissemination of the international guidelines on asthma. Interasma is a forum for interdisciplinary discussions where pneumologists, allergologists, pediatricians, and general practitioners, as well as other related health care professionals, have the opportunity to discuss and exchange information between these specialties on asthma research, practice and management.

Editors profile

Professor Fulvio Braido

Dr Braido is the Head of Outpatient Clinics and Day Hospital Service at Allergy and Respiratory Disease Department, University of Genoa. He is also Professor of Respiratory Disease at the School of Medicine, University of Genoa and Professor at the Speciality School of Respiratory Diseases of Genoa. He is a member of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and a reviewer and editorial board member of several reputed journals in the field of allergy and respiratory diseases


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