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Table 1 Summary of studies reporting prevalence of asthma in SCD patients

From: Sickle cell disease: wheeze or asthma?

Study (year) Study design SCD type Ages How defined Prevalence (%)
Boyd et al. (2006) [5] CSSCD: 291 children enrolled in prospective cohort study HbSS Enrolled <6 months and followed through >5 years Parent report of physician diagnosis of asthma 17 %
Rosen et al. (2014) [11] SAC: 243 children in a prospective cohort study HbSS or HbSβ0 4–19 years Physician diagnosis of asthma and use of asthma medication ever, via parent report and confirmed with chart review [3] 28 %
Knight-Madden et al. (2005) [6] Case control study of 80 children with SCD from Jamaica with 80 age, ethnic matched controls HbSS 5–10 years Parent report using modified ISAAC questionnaire (“touch of asthma”) for “lifetime asthma;” and wheeze or cough in past 12 months lasting 7 days in absence of URI for “current asthma” 48 % asthma ever, 41 % current asthma
Paul et al. (2013) [13] PUSH: 503 children with SCD in a prospective cohort study All types 3–20 years Parent answers yes to question “medical history of asthma or wheezing” [17] 24 %
Cohen et al. (2011) [21] 114 adults with SCD in a prospective cohort study All types 18–72 years Positive response to the ATS-DLD question “Has a doctor ever diagnosed you with asthma” plus use of a controller medication 30 %