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Table 2 FOXP3 epigenetic studies investigated for association with asthma and allergy

From: Genetic and epigenetic studies of FOXP3 in asthma and allergy

Author(s) Year n (cases/controls) Epigenetic marker analyzed Cell population analysed
Nadeau et al. 2010 32 (16/16) CpG methylation Treg cells (CD4+CD25hiCD127lo) and effector T (Teff) cells (CD4+CD25lo/neg)
Brunst et al. 2013 71 (15/56) CpG methylation Buccal cells in saliva
Runyon et al. 2012 42 (21/21) CpG methylation Treg cells (CD4+ CD25hiCD127lo/neg) and Teff CD4+CD25neg
Kohli et al. 2012 102 (37/65) CpG methylation Treg cells (CD4+ CD25hiCD127lo) and Teff CD4+CD25neg
Lluis et al. 2014 43 CpG methylation Whole blood
Michel et al. 2013 95 (45/50) CpG methylation Cord blood and whole blood