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Table 3 Prioritised research topics with winked survey themes

From: “Asthma can take over your life but having the right support makes that easier to deal with.” Informing research priorities by exploring the barriers and facilitators to asthma control: a qualitative analysis of survey data

Research question/topic Relevant survey theme(s)
What is the most effective way of organising local asthma services to ensure all people with asthma can access information & support? (e.g. specialist nurses) Healthcare systems
Education about living with asthma (reducing social stigma) AND training to help children having asthma attacks for teachers. A) managing attacks/worsening symptoms; B) general awareness - "normalising" Attitudes and knowledge
What is the best way to ensure access to up-to-date, relevant information about regular treatments & how they work & ensuring appropriate understanding? (i.e. taking it when well) - for different populations Healthcare systems
What is the effect of understanding your asthma attack & having a personalised asthma plan (based on what has worked before?) Self-care
What do we know about the short-term and long-term effects of regular medication (e.g. steroids), how much is safe, when to 'step up' or 'step down'? Medication
What is the best way to achieve shared understanding between doctors & patients with acute asthma? Attitudes and knowledge
Healthcare systems
Reasons for not taking medications (e.g. oral steroids) for patients are different to what doctors are thinking (oral steroids make me crazy; I can't sleep on steroids versus bone density) Medication
How do we work in partnership with patients & empower them to treat asthma alongside other conditions & consider how drugs & symptoms overlap & interact? Attitudes and knowledge
Healthcare systems
Asthma acute attack and anxiety: do the following help? Using a pulse oximeter (measure oxygen); a fast-track asthma service; phone application for monitoring asthma; being told nothing works Lifestyle factors
Healthcare systems
For teenagers & adults - does learning how to stay calm (breathing/yoga) help you to manage asthma attack? Lifestyle factors
What evidence-based self-help (e.g. diet, vitamin D, exercise) measures are useful in controlling long-term symptoms/asthma? Lifestyle factors
Drs/consultants/nurses/other healthcare professionals talking to each other. More joined-up thinking (& practicalities - e.g. consultant advises treatment which GP then prescribes) Healthcare systems
  1. Bold type face: topics which were considered amenable to being answered by a Cochrane systematic review