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Table 2 Pertinent questions for evaluation of VCD [41]

From: Vocal cord dysfunction: a review

1. Do you feel like your symptoms are confined to your throat or upper chest?
2. Do you feel like there is a restriction in your throat or upper chest preventing you from getting air past a certain point?
3. Do you have shortness of breath when breathing in?
4. Do you have a sudden onset of your attacks?
5. Do you a sensation of something in your throat you are unable to clear?
6. Does your voice change when you have an attack?
7. Do you feel your breathing is loud or noisy during attacks?
8. Do specific triggers cause your attacks?
9. Do you feel your symptoms have not been understood correctly?
10. Do you have difficulty with light pressure, such as tight clothes or bending your neck?
11. Are your attacks impacting your social life?
12. Do asthma medications help?
13. Do use of your asthma inhalers sometimes make symptoms worse?
14. Do you ever feel lightheaded or dizzy during attacks?
15. Do you have numbness or tingling in your hands, feet or lips with attacks?
16. When your symptoms start, do you generally cough?